Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Target Capaldi! - part three

It doesn't seem a year since the BBC aired a new episode of Doctor Who. Well it does actually... Series nine - twelve episodes worth - were followed mere weeks later by a Christmas special. And then... nothing.

Until now. As the tenure of show-runner Steven Moffat moves towards its climax with all the urgency of a a slug in an oil slick, we're being treated to the 2016 Christmas special episode. 

And - more out of habit - I've produced a Target book cover for it. I've no real idea what it's about save the fact that it features a superhero called The Ghost and is set in New York (though it was filmed in Bulgaria). But lack of info hasn't stopped me before...

So here it is, a few weeks early... 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Three UFO Century 21 Mini-albums

The Century 21 range of mini-albums were a staple of every Gerry Anderson fans record collection in the 60s. Each release was a 33rpm EP and featured "21 minutes of adventure". Although the 21 minute tag was correct, the term 'adventure' was more loosely applied. Some were abbreviated audio adaptations of episodes of Thunderbirds whilst others saw the listener taken on tours of Marineville and NASA rocket launches courtesy of Troy Tempest and Steve Zodiac respectively. Sometimes they were even canon-blasting original adventures for Lady Penelope and Captain Scarlet

For some reason, Century 21 stopped producing their mini-albums following Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons

There are those of us who would've appreciated the range going on throughout the later Gerry Anderson productions...