Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Target Capaldi - series ten - part two

We've reached the halfway point of Doctor Who series ten and the vault is still harbouring its deadly secret...

Gay Comic - from TV's UFO

Back in the 60s TV Century 21 comic begat a sister comic for girls entitled 'Lady Penelope'. It had a similar format to its brother - a mix of TV sourced comic strips and features but with a more feminine bent. 

Flash forward to 1970 and the launch of Countdown which took Gerry Anderson's UFO as its base for a comic similar in content to TV21. There was no sister comic for girls this time round though... 

or was there?

(Click the images for larger resolution)

Monday, 8 May 2017

Doctor Who Target Book Covers Recreated - part three

These seem to have been popular. I've done some more - with mixed results. 

Particularly pleased with the Claws of Axos - done using alternative photo references to the ones on Chris Achilleos' original. 

Also the one from Inferno. I've never really liked the finshed original cover - the figure work looks a bit off to me but I do like the imagery. 

The Three Doctors offers a 'different' take on Omega's hands.

As for The Dalek Invasion of the Earth... I'm not sure I should've even started that one now. I went a bit TOO pop art with it...  

Friday, 5 May 2017

Another Trio of Old Target Book Covers Given a Make-over...

Here's a few more original Doctor Who Target book covers recreated in Photoshop. 

The choice is very much dependent on the availability of the original photo references used by the artists. They also have to be of high enough resolution to manipulate. 

Since posting the first trio, I've had a couple of requests and, whilst I did attempt them, the source material was poor and, to be honest, they looked crap. 

Here's some that I am reasonably pleased with though...