Sunday, 25 June 2017

Target Capaldi - Series ten - part four

As some of you may know, my health has been a bit dicky over the past month so I've not posted as much stuff as I usually do. 

However, I've laboured on with the Doctor Who series ten Target book covers regardless - as most of them were in various stages of completion when I took ill. Here are the latest two. There is only one left and I will post it - together with a few unused designs once the final episode airs next Saturday 1 July. 

Normal service will be resumed shortly. 

Thank you. x

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Target Capaldi - series ten - part two

We've reached the halfway point of Doctor Who series ten and the vault is still harbouring its deadly secret...

Part one is here.

Gay Comic - from TV's UFO

Back in the 60s TV Century 21 comic begat a sister comic for girls entitled 'Lady Penelope'. It had a similar format to its brother - a mix of TV sourced comic strips and features but with a more feminine bent. 

Flash forward to 1970 and the launch of Countdown which took Gerry Anderson's UFO as its base for a comic similar in content to TV21. There was no sister comic for girls this time round though... 

or was there?

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